Krista Seidl Design, Co.
Krista Seidl is a multidisciplinary designer who contracts with agencies and businesses remotely.




I am an independent product and marketing designer. I lived and worked in Chicago for ten years and am now based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Thanks to the internet, I partner with businesses and agencies all over.

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BFA in Graphic Design. My career began typesetting signage at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. I eventually found my way to The Royal Order (now part of Ogilvy) where I cut my teeth on digital branding and focused on eCommerce sites for Kohler, CB2, Patagonia, and Mozilla.

In 2011, I became independent, which allowed me to both lead projects and still design every day. Since then, I've enjoyed teaming with great agencies such as Critical Mass, Fund Lab, and VSA Partners; institutions such as Northwestern Law and Notre Dame; and Chicago-based product companies such as Basecamp, Signal, Ideal, and EveryBlock.




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